Magnificent 355 meters (1,164 feet) white sand beach frontage with direct ocean frontage in a deep water channel between two islands in the gorgeous protected area of EL Nido 's in the Philippines.
The area of El Nido is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world because of it extreme natural beauty. This beautiful area was recently discovered by the world and famous travel magazines and now it is growing at an incredible rate of speed. Land values are shooting up and each year that I go back a
I can almost no recognize the place as so many new hotels are being built at one time.
El Nido is a small little village on the northern portion of Palawan Island on the Eastern side of the Philippine island chain. It is known as the last frontier of the Philippines but also known as the most beautiful island in the Philippines. Visitors from all over the world come to Palawan to visit it's many tourist sites. Easy flights from Manila (the capital of the Philippines) to Puerto Princessa which is the biggest city in Palawan will begin your journey to this wonderful tourist mecca. Once in Puerto Princessa bus or van rides take you to your destination. El Nido is a 5 hour van ride from Puerto. What used to be mostly cement roads to El Nido has now turned into all cement roads to El Nido cutting the drive time from 7 hours down to 5 hours. This improvement was made in the last 1-2 years. Now it is more convenient that ever. Especially, if you wish to take a small prop-driven plane from Manila directly to El Nido bypassing going to Puerto altogether. There are 2-3 commercial airlines which have these prop-driven planes making this route currently.
This gorgeous beach property is on an Island in the El Nido area. These island are protected by the Philippine government to secure their beauty for generations. Most of the people that go to El Nido hop on one of the 5 island-hopping tours to visit these magnificent island beaches. This property being advertised is on the Tour C route (see map picture). It happens to be the lunch stop for the Tour C tourists. Visitors spend 1-2 hours resting and eating on this beach which invites an incredible money-making opportunity. Visited by 200-250 tourists per day there is the opportunity to set up a nice native cottage on the beach to live there selling lunch and drinks to the tourists. An instant income stream while living in paradise.
The property is owned by the government and so the new owner takes over the "claimant/occupant" rights of the property. Having these claimant/occupant rights give the holder of these rights control of this property. The holder can  build a small native cottage to live and visit, but if the holder wishes to develop this property into a resort, the holder must lease the property from the government  with what is known as a SAPA lease. Is is a lease in the Protected Area. This is exactly what the huge Ayala corporation has done. For those that do not know, Ayala is a huge corporation that owns a few hundred other company's in the Philippines but are most known for the Ayala malls throughout the country. Ayala owns two resorts in the protected area already. The Miniloc Resort and the Lagen Island Resort. Google them,. Beautiful resorts which charge about $700 per night for their island over-water cottages. Needless to say, they are making a fortune with these two resorts. Ayala operates these two resorts under SAPA leases. These leases are 99 year leases.
For a foreign individual to purchase this property, it must be purchased under a Filipino Corporation or by a Filipino citizen. Land still cannot be owned by foreigners however, that may be changing in the next few years as hinted by the Duterte administration. But currently this is not the case. Philippine corporations are easily formed but must be the majority filipino citizens. The best way to pursue this is to have Filipino attorneys as 3-4 of the five officers of the corporation. These Filipino attorney's would act in the interest of the foreigner as their client. This is the best way. However, currently,...the property is owned by my Filipino partner of 8 years. My fiance. We plan to be married as soon as we can liquidate one of our many properties. We are cash-poor now and cannot afford a wedding which is why we are selling our gorgeous property.
I am an American citizen and purchased the property 5-6 years ago. I have a condo in Davao City and stayed in the Philippines every winter for about 4-10 months each time. However, this year I cannot afford to go. I had to go back to work in the USA until I can liquidate some property.
My Filipino partner is not interested in living in El Nido and is happy to stay in our condo in Davao City. The El Nido property cannot be developed while we continue to own this condo. We cannot sell the condo until we can title it and we cannot title it until we can save up a big amount of money. So, we are sort of stuck for the meantime. However, this property could be a nice situation for someone who has some liquidity to develop the property. The property has been a great investment for us just to sit and grow in value and maybe someone else may want to ride the appreciation wave upward as properties continue to appreciate in value.
Our ownership of the property is secured by DENR rights, a "Sketch Map", a "WAiver of Rights" from the previous claimant/occupant, and by the Bebeledon barangay certification showing we are the claimants of that property.
The new owner would  receive a new ""Waiver of Rights" transferring all ownership interest over to the new owner. From that document, a new barangay certification can be obtained and the DENR can issue a new sketchmap and new DENR certification. Then the new claimant/occupant can decide what he/she wished to do with the property.

Successful bidder must be prepared to deposit a non-refundable deposit of $3,000.00 to secure (hold) this property. Balance must be paid in full within 21 days for cash, or 40 days if obtaining financing.
Payment to be made by Pay Pal or Bank Wire.

Good Luck in your bidding.
p.s. I find new pictures and articles popping up about this beach often. Here is a link some visitors posted.